3 Tips To Help You Stop Your Rebellious Teens From Acting Out

If you have a teenager that is starting to act out in ways that are rebellious, you may need to change a few things about your parenting style if you want to put an end to this type of behavior soon. Parenting is not an easy job, but it is a very important one, and here are some tips that may help you take control over your rebellious teen.

Set rules for everything

The first thing to realize is that kids need boundaries, and this applies to teenagers especially. Boundaries help kids know how far they can go and what is expected of them, and you will need to make sure your teens fully understand what the boundaries are in your household.

It's important to do this before they become too rebellious, too, because it will only be harder for you to help them realize these things after they have already become very rebellious. You should set rules about grades, driving, friends, extracurricular activities, household chores, homework, and anything else you can think of.

Write the rules down and make sure they are posted somewhere in your home for your kids to see. Without rules, it can be very hard to enforce standards on them.

Create a list of consequences for breaking rules

Another good step to take is to create a list of consequences that will apply if rules are not followed, and you can even have your kids get involved in making this list with you. Each rule should have a consequence, and this is designed to help your kids learn that if they follow the rules, things will go well. If they break the rules, they will pay.

For example, if one of the rules is that your teens must pass every class with at least a C, the consequence for getting a lower grade might be grounding for one or two weeks.

If you have your kids help you make the consequences, you might find that it is a little easier to enforce them. You can remind them that they helped you determine the punishments, and they decided to break the rules. Therefore, they will have to suffer the consequences.

Follow through with what you say

Coming up with rules and consequences for breaking rules are much easier than actually following through with them; however, following through with the consequences is vital if you want to stop your children from being rebellious. If your kids learn that you are serious about what you say, it may make them think twice before breaking the house rules.

A lot of parents have a hard time disciplining their children, yet discipline is something kids really need. If you are struggling with parenting your teens and need some advice, help, and suggestions, contact a counseling center (like Associated Psychologists & Counselors) to begin meeting with a counselor for help with this important job.

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