Teenagers Hooked On Drugs: Treatment Options When Your Child Has A Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is difficult to overcome when you are an adult, and it's even harder when you are younger with fewer coping skills. Teenagers have access to all kinds of drugs—6.5% of teenagers in 8th grade reported using marijuana on a regular basis. With almost 35% of students in 12th grade using marijuana in the past year, the risk for using more harmful substances continues to increase. Whether your teenager is addicted to opiates, heroin, or other illegal drugs, it's important to get your child treatment as early as possible.

Group Support Matters

Teenagers have a tendency to feel different than everyone else, and those that are addicted to drugs are at a high risk for feeling alone. Groups such as Narcotics Anonymous that focus on teenagers are essential to help those trying to live a life without drugs feel connected to others. It's important to get support in a group setting, and NA offers this support in a non-biased, non-threatening way. It's hard to break a drug habit, but people who can make a connection with others in the same situation are more likely to remain clean.

Treatment Can Involve the Family

When a teenager is still living at home, treatment is often most successful when it involves the whole family. There are a number of factors that are involved when a teenager is using drugs, and treatment for the family will revolve around building a better communication system. The teenager will continue to have rules to follow in the home, and the impact of their drug use can't be overlooked. A teenager trying to recover from substance abuse will need the support of their parents, siblings, and peers in order to truly break the habit.

When Detox is Necessary

If your teenager continues to relapse in outpatient treatment for drug addiction, it is likely that a more structured treatment is necessary. Your teenager may need some time away from home in order to get a handle on their illness. In a detox program, your teenager will come off of the substance they are abusing and clear the toxins from their body under the watchful eye of medical staff.

When your teenager is addicted to drugs, this can be a scary time. It's important to get help for your teenager and to maintain strong boundaries throughout the process. Find the treatment necessary for your child, even if it means they go to an inpatient facility for awhile. For more information about what treatment plan would be best for your child, work with an addiction recovery center like Lifeline.

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