Anxiety Relief Sans Medications: Options To Ease Your Troubled Mind

If you suffer from generalized anxiety or social anxiety, you already know how many different medications and pharmaceuticals there are to help you. However, if you have not experienced relief from your anxiety symptoms while on a med cocktail for anxiety, it may be time to try something else. There are some anxiety relief options which do not require the use or consumption of pharmaceuticals. 

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

At the very least you can say you tried hypnotherapy and found it did not work on you or that it was nothing more than really relaxing (which is not a bad thing either). At the most, you may find that hypnotherapy not only worked on you, but also cured you of your anxiety. The power of suggestion and the human mind can work together if you are willing to let them and you believe that hypnotherapy can work. The benefits of this treatment option are experienced best by patients who really, truly want it to work and are most susceptible to suggestions under a relaxed state. You will discover if you are one of those people for whom hypnotherapy works or does not work at all.

Meditation Therapy

Meditation almost always calms the overactive mind. People with anxiety have overactive minds and tend to zero in on situations that have not even occurred yet. You can calm and quiet your overactive mind through meditation, and if you are not sure where to begin, take a class. A hypnotherapist can also help you by teaching you meditation and breathing techniques, which will allow you to slow your breathing, focus on the slowness of your breath, and then place you in a calm, meditative state.


Chances are, if you have anxiety, you have a mental health therapist/counselor who sees you at least once a month. Just talking through everything your mind is running over can really help calm you down. If you cannot see your therapist more than once a month, find a trusted friend or two who is more than willing to listen to you ramble about everything inside your head. Sometimes you just need "sounding boards" to bounce your thoughts off of, and when you speak everything aloud that is in your head, it becomes more clear that your thoughts are a little unusual. Your "sounding boards" (i.e., your trusted friends) can help you by reasoning out what sounds rational in your head and what does not.

For more information about hypnotherapy for anxiety, contact a company like Advanced Hypnotherapy.

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