3 Things You Can Do To Better Fight An Addiction

If you suffer from an addiction, you might be wondering if there is any help for you. An addiction can change the very way you think, your relationships with others, and so many aspects of your life. An addiction can be very discouraging, which is why it is so important that you understand that there is help. Here are some things that you should know about fighting an addiction.

1. See Addiction For The Illness That It Is

Addiction is more than just a bad habit. It is a mental illness and can even become a chemical and biological illness if it involves substances. For instance, if you abuse alcohol, it can actually change the cells in your body so that they need alcohol. You have to be willing to admit that the addiction is beyond something that you can control with just will-power. Even people with the strongest control can still give in to addictions because you are fighting a very real disease and problem. For this reason, you need to involve professional help. In many cases you will need to meet with medical doctors about weaning off certain substances and counseling professionals that can help you to get away from the addictive thoughts and behaviors.

2. Avoid Being A Perfectionist

Many people who suffer from addictions have perfectionist, all-or-nothing personalities. This kind of thinking can get you into trouble when fighting an addiction. For instance, if you believe that recovery is an all-or-nothing thing, that you are sober or you are not, then you are bound to fail. Everyone is going to have slip ups, especially at the beginning. It may be two steps forward, one step back, and that is acceptable in the beginning. If you don't allow yourself some forgiveness, you will become discouraged when you slip up, which can halt all your progression. For this reason, be patient with yourself and rejoice in the small victories.

3. Be Accountable To Someone Other Than yourself

Lastly, you have to be accountable to someone other than yourself when it comes to fighting an addiction. If you don't have good support who help keep you in check, it is much easier to fail. Many times people will have a sponsor that they check in with often, even a couple times a day, to report how they are doing with their recovery. This helps to make you more accountable for your behavior.

By understanding these things you can better fight your addiction. For more information, contact local professionals like The Center for Family Counseling, Inc.

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