Be Safe When Detoxing From Drugs And Alcohol To Begin A New Life

Drug and alcohol addiction has taken the lives of many people. If you've been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, there is help out there for you. Here, you'll find some tips to help you remove those substances from your life in a safe manner and begin living a healthier, happier life.

Start with Detoxification

One of the most dangerous steps in recovery is getting the drugs and alcohol out of your system. In many cases, this cannot be done safely outside a drug detoxification program. What a lot of people don't realize is that coming off of a long binge on alcohol can be just as dangerous as coming off of opioids. If you're a steady user, your system is used to having that dose of drugs or alcohol — if you suddenly stop, your body could fight back hard — you could suffer from seizures, heart problems, and even die.

In many cases, detoxification can be completed at a drug and alcohol clinic in as little as a week. This treatment utilizes both medication and therapeutic treatments to ease the pain and the withdrawal symptoms that will be experienced. You'll be provided the correct combination of medications to prevent the seizures and ease some of the pain that you'll experience — without the professional help, you're putting yourself at serious risk.

Continue Treatment

In some cases, further treatment can be completed outside of a facility. Outpatient treatment can help to provide you with the tools that you need to live a sober life, as well as continued monitoring of any medications that you need to maintain sobriety. Intense outpatient treatment is a viable option for some — this treatment includes going to a therapist or counselor for treatment three hours a day, three days each week. It's just enough to keep you on track during your recovery. You'll be able to discuss any symptoms, temptations, or problems that you may be having and find help in resolving the issues without falling off the wagon.

Keep Going

Even when things seem impossible, you can maintain your sobriety. Break those relationships that pull you back into that world, work with your therapist to find positive outlets for your problems and remember how bad things were before you worked so hard to get sober. It might not be easy — in fact, many days will be hard, but it is possible to keep going — reach out for help the minute you begin thinking that you need a drink or a fix — let the professionals help you find the peace you need in an alternative manner.

You can do this and when you do, you'll be grateful. It might not seem realistic at this point in time, but honestly, many people have gotten sober and continued to work a program to maintain it — you can too.

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