What Do Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Clinics Offer?

Substance abuse is sometimes thought of as an adult problem. However, teens are not immune to the addictive properties of drugs. In fact, teens may be even more at risk since their brains are not yet fully formed. Teens can be more likely to engage in thrill-seeking behaviors like drug use than older adults.

Fortunately, there is help for teenagers who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. If your child has a substance abuse problem, there are clinics that can help. Here are four things that teen substance abuse treatment clinics offer:

1. Substance Education

Teenagers often engage in substance abuse without understanding the full ramifications of their actions. Many schools do not adequately educate students on the risks of substance use or the consequences that can result. Education is a helpful tool in substance abuse treatment. Allowing teens to understand the dangers of drug use can prevent them from relapsing. Substance education is part of most substance abuse treatment programs.

2. Detox

Many substances, including alcohol and opiates, are physically addictive. When a person uses these substances over a period of time, their body becomes habituated to it, requiring these substances to function normally. The sudden discontinuation of drug or alcohol use will often send an addict into withdrawal, which can be painful and even hazardous. A substance abuse treatment clinic can offer medically-assisted detox. Your teenager will be given medication to help them detox, and a doctor or nurse will ensure they are not in any danger through the process.

3. Counseling

Counseling is an important part of substance abuse treatment. A therapist will speak to your teenager during their recovery, helping them understand the reason they use drugs. If peer pressure or an undiagnosed mental illness is to blame, those things can be addressed in therapy. Addiction counselors use effective techniques, like cognitive behavioral therapy, to help teens of all ages.

4. Family Therapy

Teens are in a unique position because they still have a close relationship with their families. Most teens live at home, which means their parents need to be on board with their treatment. Family therapy is often used during substance abuse treatment. During family therapy, teens will meet with their parents. Discussions will be facilitated by trained counselors who will help both parties communicate effectively. Family therapy can teach family members how to supportive of their teen's recovery. It can also air unaddressed grievances that may be contributing to a substance abuse problem.

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