Signs Your Young Teen Has Anxiety Or OCD

Teenagers face a lot of maladies that can cause them to react in different ways. If you have a history of anxiety or OCD in your family history, then there may be a likelihood that your young teen can end up with something similar. The adolescent years can even be when some of the symptoms of OCD or anxiety show up. Fortunately, there are things you can do for your teen, such as putting them in an OCD outpatient treatment day program.

Here are signs your teen has anxiety or OCD. The conditions commonly go hand-in-hand, and your teen can receive treatment so they feel more in control of their compulsions and learn to keep their anxiety more under control.

Your teen is obsessive about bodily functions

OCD in teens often presents itself in their grooming habits. Teens who have OCD or anxiety may become obsessive about their overall bodily functions and appearance. This includes being constantly mindful of how they look or examining their bodily functions in general. If your teen appears to be overly indulgent in the way they look and is extremely overt or private about their bathroom habits and they increase these behaviors in times of stress, then they may be suffering from OCD or anxiety or both.

Your teen is compulsive about color or numbers

Does your teen always have to wear a certain color, or is obsessive about numbers? If this compulsion is more than just a fan dedication and is obstructing their ability to lead a normal life — such as if your teen fears they will die if they don't wear pink daily — then it's time to consider an OCD outpatient treatment day program to assist them.

Your teen has rituals they must complete daily

As teenagers with anxiety and OCD start to feel out of control, their need to keep things in order and routine can grow worse instead of improving. If you notice your teen starting new rituals that make little sense, like touching a wall multiple times before entering a room or having to wash their hands a specific way every time they go into the bathroom, then help your teen by engaging them in an obsessive-compulsive outpatient program. These are designed to help them work with their anxieties and compulsions in a healthy way.

With treatment, your teen can greatly improve and feel more in control of their life. An OCD outpatient treatment day program may be what they need to help them feel better inside and out. Contact an OCD outpatient treatment day program for more information. 

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